Featured Works

CMe Creative Media Studio (aka lamwoostudio) is the student media production team at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School in Hong Kong. We aim to create multimedia products that are interesting, fun and educational. In the process, we learn about media production, develop our communication skills and express ourselves creatively. You can start by viewing some of our featured Works. Click on the thumbnail images to find our more about our work and view our animation and videos..

Music Videos

Misty Road (안갯길): Piano Cover by Kate

Misty Road (안갯길): Piano Cover by Kate

The Mercury Tale: Piano Instrumental by Jessica

The Mercury Tale – Piano Instrumental by Jessica Yip


Vance Joy’s Riptide: Cover by Daphne

I Vow to Thee My Country

I Vow to Thee My Country: Piano Version by Kate

Taylor Swift's Sparks Fly: Cover by Annie

Taylor Swift’s Sparks Fly: Cover by Annie

囍帖街: Cover by Eric & Jacky

囍帖街: Cover by Eric & Jacky

最後のバイバイ (Original Song) by Babbles

最後のバイバイ (Original Song) by Babbles

Taylor Swift's Breathe: Cover by Kate

Taylor Swift’s Breathe: Cover by Kate

纖纖的你 – Original Cantopop Song by Heitung

纖纖的你 – Original Cantopop Song by Heitung

Once Upon a Time: Original Song by Heitung

Rolling in the Deep: Adele's song (English) - Cover by Wan Ho-ying

Alone: Original song (English) by Babbles

Planetarium: Ai Otsuka's song (Japanese) - Cover by Babbles

Classical Music Performances: Recordings by our Students

Background Music Series: Compositions by Stephen Richards (longzijun)



Language Challenge Series

Language Challenge Series

The Story of 1001: A short film in Cantonese

Dreamers HK: A series of films about dreams in life

Interview with Xu Xi: A Hong Kong writer discusses her work

Pages of Life: A documentary about the working life of two elderly men in Hong Kong

Music Ensembles: Chinese Orchestra, Symphonic Band and Orchestra

Alva in Hong Kong: Alva's Video Blogs

School Memories: Anniversary Videos

Choral Speaking: Five choral speaking performances

Mock Advertisements: Short video advertisements

Sports Day SFX: Special effects experiments using Adobe After Effects

Intramural Singing & Dancing Shows


Origami Swan: stop motion animation

Happy Virus: Flash animation

Animated Dictations

Computer Games

IS MissionMaker: Two first-person

Inception Paradox: A Missionmaker game


Open Day Publicity Materials

40th Anniversary Logo

Studio Logo


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