Dreamers HK

Type of Media: Video
Completed: Main video completed February 2011 (other videos are in progress)
Created by: Winsome Wong, Maggie Lai, Evangeline Hung & Teresa Ng (editing, camera work, audio recording, translation)
Project Supervisor & Composer: Stephen Richards (longzijun.wordpress.com/)

What are your dreams? Can you achieve them? This is a series of videos in which people answer the question “what is your dream in life?”

1. Dreamers HK: What’s your Dream in Life

In the first video, a short film entitled Dreamers, we look at CM Lee (a professional musician, arranger and producer, who also goes by the name of CMgroovy) and Chan Yat-kuen (an artist and retired teacher).

We also conducted interviews in the street with passers-by and learned how varied our dreams can be. These street interviews were partly inspired by the “Fifty People One Question” series of videos (fiftypeopleonequestion.com/)

Though, this is a documentary, we decided against using narration. It is up to you, the viewer to interpret the message of the video. The two main interviewees took two very different approaches to achieving their dreams, but can we say that one approach is better than the other?

2. Skateboarder Dreams

The second video in the series features two skateboarding brothers. We met them while on our way to the Academy of Performing Arts to interview CM, the musician in the first video.

3. A Dream of Faith: Christian Testimony

In the next short video in the series, one of the teachers at our school, Grace Sze, discusses another kind of dream—that more people would be able to experience a very close relationship with Christ. Her video interview is a kind of Chrisitian witness in which she describes how she found faith in God.

4.AFS Friends (Alva, Lucas, Anni, Pedro)

Four exchange students living in Hong Kong describe their dreams.

5.Xu Xi (Hong Kong writer and educator)

We did a long interview with Xu Xi and are have split it into a series of six short interviews. You can view them here:cmestudio.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/interview-with-xu-xi/

We would like to thank all the to the interviewees for sharing their dreams with us.


This is some of the feedback we have received on the video:

Very good work from all of you! when watching this I was reminded of a quote, though not the exact wordings: ‘we are not living shapes with spirits but spirits living in shapes…’ and i really like the musician’s sharing, he’s got the key to his dream… thanks a lot for sharing!! 🙂 (Grace, via Facebook)

Very inspiring. (Simon, via Facebook)

Additional Information

Winsome is the director. Winsome, Maggie, Evangeline and Teresa were all involved in different aspects of the production (editing, interviewing, video recording, audio recording & translation, etc.).

This video was produced for Wiseman Education’s 2011 ThinkSeries video documentary competition. This year’s ‘Think Series’ theme is dreams (www.thinkseries.org/site/thinkagain/).

The video we produced last year for the competition last year—Pages of Life—won the top prize (The Thinkseries Award) in the junior secondary section. You can view it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMUhoHXDb9I

Background Music

You following three videos are the background music used in first three videos. These were composed by Stephen Richards (under the pseudonym longzijun). For more free background music, you can review songs and download mp3 files at his website: longzijun.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/free-background-music/

Dreams: background music for Dreamers HK – Your Dream in Life?

Safe Harbour: background music for Dreamers HK – A Dream of Faith

Mime This: background music for Dreamers HK – Skateboader Dreams (the song was originally written for a mime workshop video)

Additional Music

Excerpts from the following video clips featuring CM performing with different bands were used:

      Sammi Cheng (2010) – Excerpt from Love Mi DVD (East Asia)


      Site Access (2002) – Uploaded from mobeedadee:


      Monogel @Victoria Park (2004) – Video from longzijun


      Brothers of Roadkill (2010) – Uploaded by UndergroundHK:


      Freeminds (from CMgroovy):


Technical Information

We shot the footage using a Canon HF10 camcorder (a typical consumer camcorder). To cut down on noise we used a shotgun microphone (attached to the camcorder using an audio adaptor). We used a lavalier mic when recording Hector (in Part 2). The still images and some video shots were taken with a Canon EOS 500 digital camera.

The video was edited using Premiere Pro. After Effects was used for the circular mask in Part 1. Sony Vegas was used to create the old / low quality film effects for the intro part.


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