Mock Advertisements

These are short clips created for different competitions

Advertisements for 3D-GOLD Gold and Modern Beauty Salon

Type of Media: Video
Completed: 11 Nov. 2011
These mock ads were created for an inter-school competition. The 3D Gold Ad was shotand edited by Maggie Lai, Teresa Ng and Winsome Wong and features music Stephen Richards (longzijun). The actors is Cherry Chan (our former English Teaching Assistant) and her friend. The Be Beauty Ad was shot and edited by Tracy Chiu and Amy Kwok with acting by Michelle Wong (and her father). the lyrics and melody were composed by Tracy, who also sang lead vocals (with Amy providing the backing vocals). The musical arrangement, harmony and recording was done by longzijun




Our studio team won three awards in a video advertisement competition organized by the Chinese Manufacturers Association Youth Committee Video Competition (第46屆工展會-全港中學生廣告短片創作比賽) In this competition, teams of students produced mock advertisements for real companies.

Our videos produced for 3D-GOLD and Modern Beauty Salon (Be Beauty) were selected as the best videos produced for the respective companies. Michelle Wong also won the award for best actress.

This was quite a good competition as students needed to think about the strategies and lines of appeal and how to tell their story in 30 seconds.

In the ad for 3D-GOLD, the team focused on how the product can be an enduring keepsake that can reawaken happy memories of love. In the Be Beauty Ad, rather than presenting a negative message (e.g., your skin us unattractive, so you should use the product), the team presents a positive image of the product as part of a healthy skincare and health regime.
Video of the Awards Ceremony


Public Service Announcement: Disconnect to Connect

Type of Media: Video
Completed: 16 Feb. 2013

These mock PSAs were created for an inter-school competition. the brief was quite unusual—the students had to create a Public Service Announcement that compared life in Hong Kong in the seventies with life nowadays. The students chose to focus on encouraging young people to put down their gadgets for a moment and try to make enjoy life with their friends. The video was shot and edited by Tracy Chiu, Amy Kwok and Amy Lau.

Chinese Version

English Version



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