The Chinese Orchestra Performs In That Faraway Place

A recording of our Chinese Orchestra’s (中樂團) performance of In that Faraway Place (在那遙遠的地方). Two days later, the ensemble competed in the 64th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in the Chinese Instrumental Group (Intermediate Section) category and won the Champion award (Certificate of Honors – 91 marks).

The instruments in the orcherstra include bowed strings such as the erhu (二胡), gaohu (高胡) and zhonghu (中胡). The plucked string include pear- shaped mandolins—liuqin (柳琴) and pipa (琵琶)—and round lutes—the ruan (阮) and daruan (大阮). At the centre of the orchestra you can find a yangqin (揚琴), a chinese hammered duclimer, and a guzheng (古箏), a kind of zither. The wind instruments are flutes known as dizi (笛子) and reed instruments called sheng (笙). The orchestra also includes Western string instruments (cello and bass) and percussion instruments. Click on the closed captions icon (CC) below the video to view information about the different Chinese musical instruments in this video.

The song title is also translated sometimes as “In that Distant Place” or “In that wholly faraway place.” The melody is from a Kazaxh folk song collected by composer and ethnomusicologist Wang Luo-bin in Xinjiang.

MP3 Download:
School: SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School: 聖公會林護紀念中學
Conductor: Yim Kin-man 嚴健民
Composer: Wang Luo-bin (王洛宾)
Orchestral Arrangment: by Gu Guan-ren (顧冠仁)


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