Breathe by Taylor Swift: Cover Version by Kate

Type of Media: Music Video
Completed: February 2013
Music by Taylor Swift & Colbie Caillat
Vocals, piano & arrangement: Kate
Music recording, video recording & video editing: Bobo Chia
Video editing (assistant): Vincent Ng
Mixing: Stephen Richards (longzijun):


Kate’s Cover Version of Taylor Swift’s Breathe is the sixth in a serious of pop music videos featuring students at Lam Woo. The purpose of this series is to allow students to share their love of music while helping them develop their talents as performers and songwriters.

Kate is in Form 2 (Grade 8) at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School in Hong Kong.

we also uploaded a piano-only karaoke version featuring Kate’s arrangement.


Technical Information

Recorded and mixed using Sonar Home Studio
Noise reduction and compression: Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

We made quite a few small errors during the recording, video shooting and editing. The next time we shoot a video like this we will have to:

  • We should check the sync between the visuals and audio more carefully (some shotsare a little out of sync)
  • If doing lip-sync, we should get more coverage (e.g. more takes) for those times when the singer is a little out of sync with his/her recorded singing
  • We should get more coverage gennerally
  • If are going to use a high-quality camera, we better dust and clean the set first! The dust on the piano is so clear!
  • We shouldn’t have the microphone stand touch the piano; the vibrations of the piano will cause the mic to shake (this had to be fixed during editing)
  • We need to eatch out for flickering computer screens in the background (while editing, we had to paint over one screen that was flickering); turn off the monitors
  • We need to check for continuity (Kate’s ponytail changes in different shots)
  • We should cover up the red lights on the piano
  • We can work on getting better angles
  • We can check more carefully for any possible audio distortion before ending the recording session

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