Last Goodbye: Original Song by Babbles

Type of Media: Music Video
Completed: August 2013
Music & lyrics: Babbles
Vocals & guitar: Babbles
Music recording & video recording: Stephen Richards

Babble’s original Japanese 最後のバイバイ (Last Goodbye) is the seventh in a serious of pop music videos featuring students at Lam Woo. The purpose of this series is to allow students to share their love of music while helping them develop their talents as performers and songwriters. Babbles is in Form 6 (Grade 12) at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School in Hong Kong.

This is the live acoustic version. We are also working on a more complex arrangement of the song. The song is in Japanese, but Babbles has written this explanation regarding the meaning:

This song is a kind of happy farewell song. Usually such songs focus on negative feelings, but Babbles writes: “Saying good-bye is always treated as a sad thing; however, the message of this song is about the courage to let go of the past and embrace the future. Don’t let thoughts of the past stop your from moving forward; if you are always looking back, how can you move forward down life’s road?

Technical Information

Recorded and mixed using Sonar Home Studio
Noise reduction and compression: Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

The audio was recorded live using three microphones:

  • Vocal mic: Rode NT2-A (Condenser)
  • Guitar mic (at sound hole): Shure SM57 (Dynamic)
  • Guitar mic (at fret): AKG C 4000 B (Condenser)

By using the multiple microphones we could better control the balance between voice and guitar and also between the different frequencies produced by the guitar. For example, the mic placed closer to the sound hole would pick up more lower frequencies while the one place close to the frets on the neck would pick up the higher frequencies and add more of the sound coming from the strings.



何時から ずっと忘れられない姿
今も 頭の中に残してる

切ないこと 嬉しいこと
でも 本当は 会いたくて 泣きたくて
戻れない過去に バイバイ 
どうして こんなに不安になるんだろう?

幸せなこと 退屈なこと
でも この夜は 悲しすぎて 寂しすぎて
涙はもう 止まらない
信じたくないことだらけの現実 だけど
君はきっと守ってくれる そう信じなきゃ

言い出せない気持ち 届かない気持ち
この歌で 君に伝えたい 
でも 今回は 本当の別れ 君の全て

別れは悲しいことだが、 その悲しみより、この曲の伝えたい ものは、 過去を振り返ることを やめて、新しい未来へ旅立つその勇気だ。 過去のために足を止めてはいけない、前には待っているものがたくさんあるから。


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