In-house Work

Much of our work is in-house work—that is, we produce materials for the school administration, teachers and student organisations like the Students’ Union or school houses. This work normally isn’t released publicly.


1. Photo and Video Taking

This is a something new we have started working on this year. During school events, we sometimes take informal photos and videos using a variety of cameras (e.g., we often use digital toy cameras like the Digital Harinezumi 2 to record the video) and post the photos on Youtube and/or Facebook. What we do is try to capture the people behind the events (there is a team of teachers and technical support staff assigned to keep an official record of events). Here is some of our work (click on the link to view the video or photo album):

Preparing for Open Day: Nov. 2010 (YouTube)
Sports Day 2008: Nov. 2008 (YouTube Playlist)
English Corner: Oct. 2010 (YouTube)
Mime Workshop: Oct 2011 (YouTube). (Information about the workshop:
Open Day People: Canon EOS 450D: Nov. 2010 (Facebook)
Preparing for Open Day: Digital Harinezumi and Exemode sq28m: Nov. 2010 (Facebook)
Lamwoo English Corner: Various Cameras: Ongoing (Flickr)
Sports Day 2: Canon EOS 450D: Oct. 2010 (Facebook)
Sports Day 1: Canon EOS 450D: Octv. 2010 (Facebook)
Sports Day: Yashica F521: Nov. 2010 (Facebook)
Sports Day: Lomography Colorsplash: Oct. 2010 (Facebook)
Sports Day: Lomography Supersampler: Oct. 2010 (Facebook)
Sports Day: Digital Harinezumi 2: Oct. 2010 (Facebook)
Sports Day: Lomography Supersampler: Nov.2009 (Picasa)


2. School Promotions

This summer, we will be working on producing promotional videos for the school’s 40th anniversary. Earlier this year, we produced the GIS Room Video (shown below):

This video was produced for the opening of our Geographical Information System room  and oral discussion room (it was produced by Stephen, with additional footage shot by Hydra). Tommy and Allan also produced a video for the school as part of its campus cleaning campaign.


3. Student Organisations: Promotional Materials

Still Image from an Inter-house Competition Promotional Video

Studio team members often assist student student organisations produce promotional videos and posters. Usually, members from the organisations do the video shooting and editing, while we assist by doing things like converting file formats, teaching new users how use the editing software, handling any technical problems that arise and taking care of things like special effects and music. We have assisted organisations like the Students’ Union (our most frequent client), school houses, Putonghua Club, English Award Scheme and Drama Club. You can view the promotional video for the interhouse competition (Jan. 2010) below:

This promotional video was a joint effort with the editing being done by studio team members (Allan and Tommy) and a house captain (Joyce) and the music recording and video exporting being handled by the studio coordinator (Stephen).


4. Class Videos

Classes often make use of our expertise and resources to produce video versions of shorts skits.

Still Images from a Class Talent Show Video


5. Lessons

We record lessons for teachers to use as reference or for research purposes.

Still Image from a Chemistry Laboratory Video


6. Classwork

The studio is also used by students working on classwork assignments.

Still Image from a Video: Introduction to Lam Woo


7. Personal Projects

Studio resources are also available for students working on their own media projects.

Members of ‘Breeze’ Recording a Song


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