Our Places

Video: CMe YouTube Channel (most of our videos are here)

Video and Photos: Our Facebook page (includes our work related to school activities and events)

Our Google+ Page (Photos and videos)

Our Watt Asia channel (featuring our music videos and some of our short songs)

Our Youku Site (some of our videos are published on this site in Mainland China)

Our Nico Nico Douga Site (our English and Japanese language pop music videos are posted on this Japanese site—but you need to have a Nico Nico account to view videos and channels. You can refer to the English language instructions for registering on Nico Nico Douga) from Asiajin)

Video: CMe 2 YouTube Channel (a mirror site for our tests and in-house work)

Video: CMe Vimeo Channel (higher quality videos are posted here)

Video: CMe Vodpod Channel (a mirror site for collecting our videos)

Photography: CMe Flickr Page (photos of school life)


Other School Studios

WoW Production Studio (Immanuel Lutheran College, Hong Kong)

BTV Rocks (Bella Vista High School, San Juan, California)


Community Studios

Direct Action Media Academy (a youth outreach program in Charlotte, North Carolina)

Are there any sites we should add to this page? Please let us know.


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