Resources: Video Production and Photography

Cameras and Camcorders

  • Canon XF100 video camera
  • Sony NEX-7 Camera with Kit Lens and pancake lens
  • 2 Sony HD Camcorders: HDR-PJ670 & HDR-PJ820
  • 2 HD Canon camcorders: HG10 and Legria HFM300 (the HF10 is damaged)

Accessories for Sony Camcorders

  • Gun Zoom lens
  • Wireless mic and receiver
  • Mini-speaker

Other equipment

  • 3 tripods
  • 2 Beespod portable tripod
  • 2 sets of LED light boxes with stand and battery
  • Large cloth green screen with stand
  • Beachtek DXA-2T Camcorder XLR Adaptor (for connecting higher quality microphones to camcorders and controlling audio input levels)
  • Azden FMX-DSLT portable mixer
  • Mic boom

Different kinds of microphones are also available. See the audio recording page.


  • Editing: Adobe Premier Pro CS6 (Workstations 2 & 3), Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8.0 (Workstation 1)
  • Post-production work (e.g., adding special effects): Adobe AfterEffects CS6 (Workstations 2 & 3)
  • Converting file formats: Procoder 3 (Workstations 1 & 2)
  • Creating DVDs: Adobe Encore CS6, Sony DVD Architect Studio 4.5
  • Writing images directly onto CDs and DVDs: LightScribe* (the discs must be special LightScribe compatible discs)

Additional Resources

  • Television and Dynamic Video Material Library: 68 DVDs of video clips (STR)

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