Open Day Publicity Materials

Type of Media: Graphic Design (Poster and Banner)
Completed: November 2010
Created by: Tommy Wong and Ivy Tong

Open Day Poster Design

These designs were created for the school’s 40th anniversary open day (held on 19-20 December,2010). The open day featured an Alice in Wonderland theme, with students dressed up as characters (e.g., Alice, the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts) and posing for photographs with guests. Using Photoshop, Tommy designed the poster for Ms Leung, who was in charge of the theme-based events and who anted a poster featuring the student actors. Ivy Tong also worked on the design.

Using live actors meant in the poster seemed to help in attracting the attention of primary school students (one of the target market groups of the publicity campaign). The characters were shot in front of a green screen and then the images were superimposed on a colourful textured background. The poster design also makes use of Tommy’s entry in the 40th anniversary logo design competition. The design was also adapted to create two banners, one of which is featured below.

Open Day Banner

Note: Stephen Richards, the Creative Media Studio coordinator, worked on a separate promotional campaign fo the 40th anniversary celebrations. That campaing was targeted at alumni. He created a video showing school life in the 1970s   ( and a video showing the 10th anniversary celebrations in 1980 (


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