Photography: School Events

Image Event Date Camera(s) No. of
Open Day People 19/11/2010 Canon EOS 340, Digitial Harinezumi 2 42
Preparing for Open Day 18/11/2010 Digitial Harinezumi 2, exemode sq28m 69
Sports Day (Day 2) 26/10/2010 Canon EOS 450D 161
Sports Day (Day 1) 26/10/2010 Canon EOS 450D 198
Sports Day (Yashica) 25/10/2010 Yashica EZ Digital F521 35
Sports Day (Harinezumi) 25-26/10/2010 Digital Harinezumi 2 104
Sports Day (Super Sampler) 25-26/10/2010 Lomography Super Sampler 75
Sports Day (ColorSplash) 25/10/2010 Lomography ColorSplash 12
Sports Day (Lomography) 9-12/10/2009 Lomography Supersampler 33
Sports Day (Ending) 12/10/2009 Canon EOS 450D 21



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