Sports Day SFX

Type of Media: Video
Completed: May 2009
Created by: Stephen Richards
Editing, music, sound, animation: Stephen Richards / Camera operators: Tommy Wong, Allan Tam



This is an three-minute video featuring different special effects made using Adobe After Effects (I created this video so that I could how to use this software programme).The footage is our school’s sports day, which was held on 16-17 October 2008. I would like to thank the athletes and camera operators. Without your effort, this video would not have been possible.

The video is also published on Vimeo (


Technical Information
In this video, I also tried to learn how to take an animated figure (animated using iclone) and insert it a live-action video. You can see the process here:



The music was composed and recorded using Sonar Home Studio. The first song is mainly a loop-based composition (with loops from Sound Pool, Music Tech and CM) with some parts added via keyboard (Korg MicroX). The second song was mainly recorded using the keyboard along with some percussion/drum loops. The explosions and fire videos are from

The following software programmes were used:

  • After Effects (special effects, video compositing)
  • Premiere Pro (video Editing)
  • Sonar Home Studio (music recording and editing)
  • Procoder 3 (file conversion)
  • Sony Vega (old film effect)
  • iclone 3 (animation)
  • Goldwave (audio processing)



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